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Here’s a quick jogging route for the running lovers out there.

You should find some sightseeing satisfaction, as well as having a nice work out along the way.

I personally recommend this route just as entertainment for your running session; for serious sight-seeing I’d strongly suggest taking a short coffee break and relaxing next to each attraction.

In total, this route should be about five to eight kilometers depending on how intense of a work out you’re after. Its not a huge difference, but it might be significant to some. Who knows, maybe the refreshing sea breeze might motivate you to go the extra mile!


Recommended Starting Point: Plaça de Tetuan

Plaça de Tetuan

Plaça de Tetuan


Plaza Tetuan is named after the siege and occupation of the Moroccan city of Tetuan by General Joan Prim and his Catalan Volunteers.


Next, we’ll go down towards the Arc de Triomf. 

Arque de Triumph

Arc de Triomf

Built as the main access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair by Catalan architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas the Arc de Triomf is an arch in the manner of a classic triumphal or memorial arch.

I’m always overcome by such a freeing feeling when I jog along this road. You feel the world and the sky around you stop moving; as though time has stopped, like you are the only one moving, the only one going in that direction

At the end of this road you’ll find the entrance to one of the most famous park in Barcelona, Parc de la Ciudadella. The interesting fact about this park is that it used to be a military base. After the bourbons contested Barcelona, they decided to built a military base to keep them under surveillance.

Parc De la Ciudadella  hosts the zoo as well as the Parliament of Catalonia, a lake , some museums and a magnificent fountain designed by another famed Catalan architect, Josep Fontserè.

Moving forward on our run, were heading towards the sea.

Barcelona Passeig Maritim

Barcelona Passeig Maritim

Here is where we will decide if we continue up to the famous Hotel W or well turn right going up twords the port of Barcelonetta.

Passeig Maritim Barcelona

Passeig Maritim Barcelona

Barcelona is an amazing city to go for a jog! And what surprises me is that there’s always someone jogging, and that inspires me to go further!