Looking for something different on your next trip to Barcelona? One hour’s drive to the north, south or inland and you’ll have a truly unique experience to enjoy.


Here are a few of our favorite destinations off the beaten path:

1. Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat Monastery

Montserrat Monastery

This amazing mountain structure where the Benedictine monks built a monastery dedicated to the Black Madonna of Montserrat its worth your while. Amazing views of the surrounding landscape and a spiritual aura surround the abbey.

The Museum will impress you. All works of art were gathered by the monks during centuries. You can admire works of famous painters as Picasso, Caravaggio, and even Monet. The visit will permit you to admire and understand few of the local artists, like Santiago Rusiñol or Ramon Casas.

For more information on what makes Montserrat so special please read my blog entry on the subject here:  http://livelifebcn.com/2015/10/01/montserrat/


Half Day Tour – 5 to 6 hours – 200E


2. Tarragona

The city of Tárraco was the first and oldest Roman settlement on the Iberian Peninsula and capital of the province of Hispania Citerior. It was a major administrative and mercantile city in Roman Spain and the major centre of the Imperial cult for all the Iberian provinces.

It has to offer 2000 years of history, time when the Roman Circus was built, and the impressive Roman Amphitheatre with its privileged position next to the sea.

Discover more about it’s rich ancient history on my blog entry here: http://livelifebcn.com/2016/01/09/tarragona/


Half Day Tour – 6 to 7 hours 300E


3. Dali Museum, Girona 

Exploring the north of Catalonia we have various options.

Visiting the Dali Museum in Figueres will offer a different perspective of the surrealist genius Salvador Dali. The museum was designed by Dali itself, in the old theatre of his hometown and he actually lived there in the last years of his life. The experience is worthwhile even if you don’t have any affinity with the artist. Understanding his experiences and inspirations will open your eyes to the masterpieces of a peerless artist.

Girona is an interesting medieval city, it is best known for its Jewish Quarter or The Call, one of the best preserved in Spain. It’s now famous for the Cathedral of Girona as seen in Game of Thrones. TV fame aside the cathedral’s museum hosts an unique piece: a 1000 year old Tapestry of Creation, as well as a beautiful cloister and an impressive Gothic interior.



Full Day Tour – 7 to 8 hours 350E


4.  Empuries

This would be my favorite tour. It goes deep in to the origins of this land, from the Ibers, the oldest known civilization on the peninsula, to a walk through the ancient Greek  city of Empurion, to the remains of the Roman city Empuriae. These ancient cities might be in ruins but beautiful details, including the intricate tiled floors of the Roman domus, still remain in this gorgeous sea-side setting.

Discover more of what you might find during this trip in my blog post about Empurias : http://livelifebcn.com/2016/04/21/ibers-greeks-and-romans/



Full Day Tour – 7 to 8 hours 350E