Eating Japanese in a big city like Barcelona is not easy; there are just so many Japanese restaurants it’s hard to pick the truly great restaurants out of the crowd. Without getting a great recommendation things can be really hit or miss, lucky for me (and you) I have some Japanese friends who can point us in the right direction. An absolute favorite mine is Restaurante Masturi, in the Gothic Quarter with two locations one on Carrer Avinyó  and another one on Carrer Regomir.

Matsuri is a fusion restaurant, combining elements of Japanese, Brazilian and Thai cuisine. The owner is of Japanese and Brazilian heritage and their intention was to create elegant Asiatic cuisine, adapted to the European palate.

The decor is so discrete, modern, and beautiful it gave me chills. The sushi is prepared in an open space, fresh and on the spot.

Matsuri Barcelona

Restaurante Matsuri Barcelona


I often visit Japanese restaurants as I absolutely love the cuisine, when I find one that excels it becomes an obsession.

I am just unable to resist sake, from the taste to the ritual of pouring and drinking, it has me captivated.


Sake Japanese Restaurant Matsuri

Sake Restaurante Matsuri


The variety of dishes left me dumbfounded, I simply wanted everything! One of the specials sounded intriguing and five minutes later it mesmerized my taste buds. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the Tuna and Foie Niguiri!

Niguiris og tuna and foie

Niguiris and Tuna and Foie


Here’s another fantastic dish, tempura shrimp, avocado and spicy mayonnaise wrapped with tuna… delicious!

Maki with tuna and shrimps

Maki with Tuna and Shrimp



Japanese Restaurant Matsuri Barcelona

Japanese Restaurant Matsuri Barcelona

Mmmmm… Just a little soak in my spicy soy sauce (I always ask for extra wasabi to mix with my soy).


Japanese Restaurant Matsuri Barcelona

Japanese Restaurant Matsuri Barcelona


Yes, yes, yes….absolutely delicious!

Somewhere in the middle of our dinner we ordered tuna tartare, another one of my favourites (and I know quite few places where the prepare an amazing tuna tartare with the freshest tuna, each place with its own secret variety of ingredients, but for those place you can ask me privately 😉 )

The fish was super fresh and perfectly prepared.


Tuna Tartar

Tuna Tartar Matsuri


Another star of the night, maki bare with salmon tartare, chives, citrus, crunchy tempura and teriyaki sauce.


Maki Bare

Maki Bare


When decided we couldn’t have anything else, we asked for the “postres”.

The variety of deserts was quite satisfying, even though what I chose was more Brazilian inspired, a beautiful crepe with banana flambe and vanilla ice cream covered with dark chocolate.


Banana Crepe

Banana Crepe


What an amazing adventure for my palate! From time to time I would close my eyes to feel the intensity of flavors and savor the pleasure of each bite. Memories I’m so grateful for! Thank you sweet Universe and see you again soon Matsuri!