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Ibers, and Greeks, and Romans, Oh My!

I've always been fascinated by history; more than just the historical facts, I am interested in my ancestors, the ancient peoples of the European continent In particular I've always loved to study the ones living on the Iberian Peninsula. Every detail fascinates me,...

National Art Museum of Catalonia

Another addition to the "must visit" list on your next trip to Barcelona has to be the National Art Museum of Catalonia, or MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) as it's locally known. First off, the location is breathtaking! From the terrace you have an amazing...


Do you ever feel like you are walking in the past or right through history? I always have that feeling in Rome, I walk through the streets and I feel the rocks charged with the power of antiquity, hear my footsteps echo through time. Rome is Rome, everyone knows what...

Long Winter Nights in Barcelona

Walking the streets of this amazing city, I find myself thinking that I might get bored of it one day... I take an unusual route home and suddenly I find myself in a new world! Bars on every corner, live music spilling out into the street... Restaurants crowded with...


High in the mountain hills above the city hides a perfect day trip, the Benedictine abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat, founded in the year 1025 by Abbot Oliba. Probably the most interesting this at Montserrat (serrated mountain) is the mountain itself. With a very...