Montserrat Private Tour


Montserrat Private Tour is on the list of Top 10 places to visit when you are in Barcelona.
This amazing mountain structure where the Benedictine monks built a monastery dedicated to the Black Madonna of Montserrat is worth your while. Fantastic views of the surrounding landscape and a spiritual aura surrounds the abbey.


Meeting at the agreed location

45 minutes drive to Montserrat

Visiting the Monastery and discovering its history

Farmers market

30 minutes hike for the perfect view

Gift shop and liquor tasting

The end of your tour will be at your hotel or any other place you choose inside Barcelona



Montserrat Private Tour

Enjoy a half day private tour from Barcelona to the Monastery of Montserrat. Your private tour guide will pick you up from the agreed location; then you will drive for 30 minutes to the bottom of the Montserrat Mountain. From there you have the option of continuing the trip with the car, take a funicular which will drop you at 730 meters (2400 feet) or be more adventurous and take a Cable Car which will take you to the Monastery of Montserrat.
Once arrived at the Monastery of Montserrat, your private tour guide will introduce you to the area, to the history and legends of the place. You will visit the Basilica of Montserrat, and you might even touch the Black Madona of Montserrat (depending on the time of the year and the length of the queue).
The Monastery of Montserrat hosts a boys choir school, La Escolania de Montserrat, which performs every day, except Saturdays. When booking the Montserrat private Tour, please mention that you would like to hear the boy’s choir sing, and we will schedule the visit to integrate this into our itinerary.

Another optional part of the Private tour to Montserrat is a hike of 30 minutes to the best viewing point of the mountain: The Cross of Saint Michael.

Your private tour guide will invite you to try four local liquors, traditional of Montserrat, and you can even try the local desert, called Miel i Mato – honey and unsalted cheese.

Want to change a few things to the tour? Always possible!

Just contact us, and we will create an offer that perfectly matches your wishes.

How long is the tour?

The tour will last for five hours, and it will adapt to the interests and abilities of each traveller, so feel free to express yourself to your private tour guide.

The end of the tour will be at your hotel or any other place you choose inside Barcelona.
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