Montserrat Tour and Lunch in Sitges


The Montserrat mountain and the Monastery of Montserrat is a must if you spend more than three days in Barcelona. Its history goes back to almost 1000 years ago, and it is a symbol of the Catalan and Spanish culture. The mountain structure is unique and out of this world. The legend has it that the Montserrat Mountain was sculpted by angels with golden saws.
The second part of the tour consists of having lunch in the port of Sitges at one of the best paella restaurants, and visit in the Old Quarter of the town.


Picked up at the agreed location

Arrive at the Monastery of Montserrat

Visit the Benedictine Monastery and Church of Montserrat

Short hike for the best views

Souvenir shop

One hour drive to the port of Sitges


Walk through the Old Quarter of Sitges

Thirty minutes drive to Barcelona




Montserrat Tour and Lunch in Sitges

In the Montserrat Tour the Montserrat Monastery is famous for its location and its history, so it is a must if you visit Barcelona. But if you want to make the best of your day trip out of Barcelona, our Private Tour to Montserrat and Sitges is the perfect option.

The trip to Montserrat it will take no longer than one hour. You have the options of going from the bottom of the mountain to the Monastery of Montserrat, which is located at the altitude of 730 meters (2400 feet) by car, by train or by an adventurous cable car.

Once arrived at the Montserrat Monastery, your private tour guide will introduce you to the history and legends of the place, you will visit the church, and you can even touch the Virgin of Montserrat. We encourage you to take a hike to the Cross of Saint Michael, to enjoy the best views of the mountain and of course, to earn you lunch in Sitges.
From Monserrat Monastery your private tour guide will drive you to the coastal city of Sitges.

The second part of the private tour it creates a beautiful contrast between the Montserrat Mountain and the seaside town and port of Sitges, where you will have lunch at a restaurant which is famous for its Paellas and the Monkfish and lobster stew.
After lunch, we will walk in the old part of the Sitges Town where your private tour guide will explain how this was the place which inspired many important painters the modernism time, because of the fantastic light.
The tour will last for five hours, and it will adapt to the interests and abilities of each traveller, so feel free to express yourself to your private tour guide.

Want to change a few things to the tour? Always possible!
Just contact us, and we will create an offer that perfectly matches your wishes.

The end of the tour will be at your hotel or any other place you choose inside Barcelona.