Tarragona 1 day trip from Barcelona


One hour drive from Barcelona you’ll find Tarragona, where the Roman heritage is visible throughout the city and surrounding region. 2000-year-old structures dot the landscape, and many of them were deemed of enough historical significance to be declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Pick up at the agreed location

First stop the Roman Aqueduct of Les Ferraris

Walk along the 2000 years Roman Wall

Visiting the 2nd-century Roman Amphitheatre

Provincial Forum

Roman Circus

Cathedral of Tarragon

The end of your tour will be at your hotel or any other place you choose inside Barcelona




Tarragona 1 day trip from barcelona

Do you want to know the best places in Tarragona?

Tarragona 1 day trip from Barcelona is an ideal tour to see the best and most important of this great city. Accompanied by a private tour guide in Tarragona.

You want to see Roman ruins and understand the life back in the Roman Empire, but you don’t want the crowds in Rome? You want to experience the Spanish lifestyle more in depth, and get to know traditions that are enlisted on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage? Then the Day trip from Barcelona to the city of Tarragona is the ideal tour for you.

You will be accompanied by a private tour guide which will take you straight to the essential places, pointing out the importance and the meaning of what you will visit in Tarragona.

The first stop it will be at a 2000-year-old Roman Aqueduct which still amazes nowadays. Find out the Faustian legend which gave the name to the Aqueduct as Pont del Diable – or the Devil’s Bridge.

A second stop it will be at the Roman Amphitheatre, where we will walk through the ruins of an Iberian Coliseum. Listen to the stories of Gladiator fights, see the remains of their Nemesis sanctuary, and look at the ruins of the early Visigoth church, built on the spot, in honour of the first martyrs of Tarragona, burned at stake.

Next stop it will be at the remains of the Roman Circus where the famous chariot races took place (please watch Ben Hur for a better understanding).
From there you will walk through the remains of the Jewish Quarter to the Cathedral of Tarragona. Find whos arm is inside the Cathedral, and why on the same spot it was a Roman Temple, a Christian church, a Mosque and now the Cathedral.

The tour will last seven hours, and it will adapt to the interests and affinities of each traveller, so feel free to express yourself to your private tour guide.

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